W. Kamau Bell

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W. Kamau Bell

Tony Brooke was hired to record a series of shows by Dave Chappelle from 2007-2009, including two sets by W. Kamau Bell at The Punchline comedy club in San Francisco, February 14-15, 2007.

Recording was to a 24-track Radar V hard disk recorder @ 24-bit, 96k. Stage tracks were from an on-stage splitter, from the direct feed (not through the transformer). Audience mics were only for this recording, so did not go through the splitter at all. Mic preamps were all Millennia Media HV-3D.

Recording was continuous throughout all shows, with no breaks. After the shows, the 24/96 Broadcast-WAV audio files were exported (with no conversion) to (2) DVD-R for delivery. Rough mixes were also exported to 16 bit / 44.1k stereo wav.