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hi everyone, I have a question that I hope can get answered here.

I am currently mixing an album for a band and we were talking before I started this album and I understood that there was no money available to spend on an engineer, but in return for my work they would build baffels and absorbtion panels for my control room. Which I was happy with.

Well this weekend, I was told that they are so happy with the work that I have done over the last few months that this payment (the panels) would not be enough. They want me to do some research on what engineers would be asking if there was a contract written up on a percentage of cd sales.

Has anyone on here been proposed with an offer like this?
or have any advice on what would be an honest percentage.

My jobs on this album are Recoding, Mixing , and (amaturish) mastering.
plus I have put in some production ideas during the recording sessions and mixing sessions.

any help on this is greatly appreciated
thanks in advance

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It sounds like you've taken on a producer's role. You'll need to determine how many "points" (percentage points based on sales) they might assign to you. Here are a few sites to check out for ideas:

Or check out a book like this one:

and I've got more links here: