Favorite Mac Hacks: Double Finder Scroll Arrows

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OS X's Finder windows ordinarily have just two ways to display the scroll arrows. In the System Preference Pane "Appearance," you can choose "At top and bottom" or "Together." In fact, this setting applies to the horizontal scroll bar too, so "Top and bottom" should really be labelled "At both ends."

But wouldn't it be sweet if you could have both? It's fairly easy to have both arrows appear together at both ends of the scrollbar. Just download the free utility called TinkerTool:


This will allow you to turn on a hidden setting in OS X (not an illegal hack). Just launch TinkerTool and select the "General" tab.

Unless you want to undo this change, don't go back to the System Preference pane and change the official setting. Read TinkerTool's instructions for more on this.

TT's got a bunch of other tasty features too.