Favorite Mac Hacks: Even Faster Mouse and Trackpad Tracking

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If the System Preference pane's Tracking Speed ain't fast enough for ya, you can hack it to a faster setting than the slider allows. Use these Terminal commands:

For mouse (the default max is 3.0):
defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling (insert number here)

For trackpad (the default max is 1.5):
defaults write -g com.apple.trackpad.scaling (insert number here)

...then log out and login again. Any subsequent change made in the Keyboard and Mouse System Preference pane will override your hack and return to normal.

This was from a tip on Macworld.com, in this more complete article:

Or, try this easier System Preference Pane, which also affects the acceleration and doesn't require logging out/in:

You might also try iMouseFix, which allows control of just the acceleration: