A live vocal mic that is designed to be cupped at the back?

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I've wondered why microphone manufacturers have not designed a live vocal mic that can be cupped at the back without ruining the sound. Many rap artists like the feel of holding the mic with their hand over the back of the capsule (and the trend has caught on with singers of other styles too). This can provide better control over mic technique.

But the back of the capsule housing on most live vocal mics is important because it contributes off-axis rejection of unwanted sound in the mic's overall pickup pattern. These mics are designed to primarily pick up the voice at the front end of the mic, and reject the rest. If the back of the housing is blocked, rather than simply blocking sound coming from the back of the mic, it actually breaks the rear rejection system.

The only mic I've ever read about which might have a new approach is the Pearl TLC 90 from Sweden:

I can't quite tell, though, due to their rough english. It's capsule housing "is designed to prevent you to hold your over the back openings (and destroy the very low feed back)".

Does that mean that it's shaped so that a cupped hand over the back of the housing does not kill the rear rejection? Or is it just designed to dissuade people from doing so? And I've never heard it.

Has anyone else thought about this issue?