Rename ID3v2 Track-Tag (start counting from eg 20)

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I use The GodFather as music file manager, but somehow I can't figure out how to rename the tags so that counting starts at higher numbers.

already tried:
Mp3tag //
Mp3 Tag Tools //

any help? pliss?

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mmmm okay now I know how.

thanks to silentway who posted the program (ID3-TagIt) and nkee who took up again the thread, I managed it.
But is there another way to set the first number besides the red minus and the green plus?


and thanks google for nothing. well I found this forum. so.... thanks ^_^;

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Forgot I've posted here. FYI it is under F12> Enumerating Mode. xD
Mp3tag also has got the option under Tools (??) and in the main toolbar.

thanks anyway