TASCAM DA78 clock

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Hi - great site! I am very thankful for your info on the Tascam Digital 8 machines. I have a DA-78 (and a DA45 DAT deck) and use it with a MOTU 2408 MKII as an "extra" 8 tracks of AD/DA. It works great!

My question is this - do you know whether the clock on the Tascams are better/lower jitter than the MOTU 2408 MKII (which are not that great)? I have messed around a little trying to compare recordings clocked with each device - but sometimes I hear something/sometimes I think its my imagination. I guess I'd just like to know if one is better specs-wise than the other.

I am considering getting a dedicated clock - but if the Tascam has a nice low-jitter clock and I'm basically not going to be stepping up much from that with say an Apogee Big Ben as far as actually sound quality I'd love to save the money!

Thanks Silentway!

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I haven't listened to those two clocks head-to-head. I think the best way is just as you have done... listening for yourself. If you can't tell the difference, then use whichever is more convenient. As for external clocks, it could be worth testing out if you can borrow or rent an external clock. Lucid makes some less expensive clock generators than Apogee's.

But overall, I recommend to my consulting clients that unless their mic closet is really well stocked, I'd buy mics first, mic preamps second, A/D converters third. They all make huge, clearly audible differences. Then I'd consider outboard gear and/or a clock. (Heck, a $5 analog clock on the wall might even be more valuable to keep sessions moving!)