Where can I get info on an elderly Tascam DA-30?

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Hi, folks

I've acquired an elderly Tascam DA-30 (not the MkII version), and am looking for user manuals and service/repair manuals/schematics.

Do any of you know where I might get these from?

It seems a shame to consign this recorder to the trash, I'd like to make some use of it.

Thanks for listening

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The DA-30 is a great DAT- it's worth maintaining. I have one, and I have a pretty big pdf manual collection, but not for that one. The DA-30 predates the era when Tascam made PDFs of their manuals. A few ideas:

Try the websites I've listed here, they scan manuals, look under "m" for manuals:

You can get some operational questions answered in similar-era DAT manuals, like the DA-30mkII, DA-20, DA-20mkii and DA-40. (The DA-45HR was the 24-bit DAT.)

I posted some for download here:


One thing to note: The DA-30 was pin-3 hot (the DA-30mkII was pin-2 hot).

For more see this article: